Ponterwyd Neighbourhood Watch

What is Neighbourhood Watch?

NWlogoNeighbourhood Watch does exactly what it says on the tin! It is simply a system which enables neighbours to work together with each other to combat anti-social behaviour, vandalism and crime in local communities and to protect the lonely, fearful and vulnerable.

Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.

The neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator is an elected volunteer whose responsibility it is to get people involved and working together with the Community Police Officer and relevant Authorities to report problems and concerns affecting the neighbourhood. The Co-ordinator is the ‘conduit’ through which information can be processed in the most efficient manner. The Co-ordinator can also offer advice and practical support where needed.

The role of the Co-ordinator.

The Co-ordinator:
Passes on information to the right people
Keeps Neighbourhood Watch supporters fully informed
Arranges for Neighbourhood Watch Meetings

As well as the Co-ordinator there is usually a volunteer Assistant or Deputy Co-ordinator and Committee, able to take over when the Co-ordinator is away or unavailable. Everyone in Neighbourhood Watch is equal, no-one person is in charge, everyone has a voice and all issues can be addressed either through a Meeting, a Newsletter, a personal approach or through the Neighbourhood Watch website.

What To Do

  • Keep an eye on your neighbours property when they are out or away.
  • Use eyes and ears!
  • Don’t confront anyone causing trouble.

Things ain’t what they used to be. The idea of a ‘citizens arrest’ today is fraught with danger. People high on drugs or drink are more likely to carry a weapon and use it. If there is a problem, lock doors and ring the Police. Always contact the Police directly if in doubt. Anything else, report to your Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator who will pass the information on to the relevant authority.

Keep a notepad and pen close to your best vantage point and make a note of:

  • Strangers and undesirables
  • Strange cars or vans
  • Anyone causing trouble or acting suspiciously.

Jot down a brief description of them such as: How many? What sexes and ages? How tall and what colour hair, skin, clothes and distinguishing features.? Suspicious or odd behaviour and repeated presence.

Keep a camera handy to photograph or video any damage, trespass or suspicious actions.

Often a seemingly trivial observation, reported to the Police, may be the link in the chain that may lead to an arrest for a more serious crime.

Report concerns and actions to the Co-ordinator and he will pass the information on. All information given to the Co-ordinator and passed on to the Police is strictly confidential and is shared only with the Co-ordinator, the Community Police Officer and his Inspector – absolutely no-one else.


Telephone: (01970) 890606
email: nwatch@nantinet.co.uk
Address: Glasfryn, Ponterwyd.

Telephone 0845 3302000

Anti-social Behaviour Officer: David Weir –
Telephone: 01545 574127
email: davidweir@ceredigion.co.uk